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About Lyme Times

The Lyme Times is the only national print publication addressing the needs of patients, physicians, educators, parents, and health care policy makers. Each year, the Lyme Times publishes regular issues and special issues. Regular issues include articles for patient support, regional news about Lyme disease from different parts of the U.S, and the world, research notes, and conference reports. Special issues provide in-depth coverage of areas of particular interest to the community. Special issues to date have focused on patient diagnosis and treatment, how to navigate the insurance maze, children's treatment, children's educational issues, integrative medicine approaches to Lyme disease, and alternative medicine approaches to Lyme disease.

Physicians and researchers are frequent contributors to the Lyme Times. The content of the Lyme Times may sometimes be controversial because we publish ongoing issues that are not yet resolved; however, we try to provide patients with balanced information addressing their concerns. CALDA feels we should remember that at the center of all the activity, be it research, conference, support group, demonstration, or controversy, are the patients.

Regular and special issues are delivered to members by mail when they are published. In addition, members can download regular issues by clicking the tab above. Special issues are only available in hard copy, but you may purchase them on line by clicking on the appropriate tab above. You may order both regular and special issues in bulk at a substantial discount in quantities of 10 or more, allowing the community to use them in outreach efforts with schools, physicians, patients, and public policy makers. Frequently, people buy bulk copies for nurses conferences, legislative efforts, health fares and other community outreach efforts.

Opinions expressed in articles are those of the authors alone and are not necessarily those of the Editor, California Lyme Disease Association, or the Lyme Disease Association. The Lyme Times makes no express or implied warranties as to the efficacy or safety of any treatment in its articles or letters and disclaims all liability for any use of any such treatment. Please consult your physician regarding treatments.

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