NEWS: Watch Amy Tan & Dr. Ray Stricker’s San Francisco interview

05 Aug
amy tan & stricker

Author Amy Tan, renowned author of “The Joy Luck Club” and other books, and’s medical director, Dr. Ray Stricker, discuss Lyme disease with anchor Cheryl Jennings, on ABC7′s “Beyond the Headlines.” Also featured are Kate Steele and her son Ari, who tell a riveting story of Lyme disease and stem cell treatment. Continue reading

NEWS: FDA to regulate diagnostic tests for Lyme disease

01 Aug
ticks signs

In a move that could have profound implications for the Lyme community, the FDA announces it will regulate Lyme diagnostic tests. (Why we’re concerned: Standard, government-approved testing misses most cases of Lyme disease. Specialized testing has helped many Lyme patients get properly diagnosed and treated.) Continue reading