NEWS: “Take a bite out of Lyme” challenge kicks off

01 Mar
take a bite out of lyme

You’re soon going to see lots of sourpuss faces on Facebook and Twitter. The “Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease” campaign starts March 1. Grassroots activists have partnered with ILADS to raise Lyme awareness and research funds. The idea is to post a photo or video of yourself biting into a lime. And then challenge others to do the same. Read below for details. Continue reading

The FDA and Lyme Disease Testing—FDA is Listening, but Does it Matter?

03 Feb
FDA and Lyme tests

In August last year, I blogged about new FDA guidance on laboratory developed tests and how these might restrict access to diagnosis and care for Lyme patients. Many patients with Lyme disease rely on laboratory developed tests, for example, the IGeneX western blot. Since that time, I have met with the FDA twice and conducted a survey which drew close to 8,000 responses. The results of that survey were presented to the FDA in our meetings and by Dr. Elizabeth Maloney at the FDA public hearing in January. On January 29th, LDo submitted official public comments to the FDA proposal. Continue reading