LYMEPOLICYWONK: Lyme disease testing—the CDC, LabCorp and stories that don’t add up

11 Sep
Lyme disease test

Dr. Paul Mead of the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) recently stated in the Wall Street Journal that the CDC’s recommended two-step process (which requires a positive ELISA test before a Western blot can be given) is accurate and was developed specifically to aid diagnosis of Lyme disease. A stunning assertion given that it directly conflicts with Dr. Mead’s previous testimony before the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Attorney General’s office. It is also at odds with the CDC case definition for Lyme disease, which recognizes the validity of a stand-alone Western blot. This turnaround, coupled with LabCorp’s recent decision to abandon a stand-alone Western blot, has patients up in arms. And, rightly so. Continue reading