LYMEPOLICYWONK: The CDC, the FDA and Lyme Disease Lab Tests

18 Apr
Science testtubes etc

Yesterday, the CDC officially announced that it “recommends that laboratory tests cleared or approved by FDA be used to aid in the routine diagnosis of Lyme disease.” This is a shame. Waiting for FDA approval suppresses innovation in Lyme testing and furthers the interests of those who have vested interests in the current flawed lab tests which miss as many cases as they detect. Neither of these is good for patients.
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NEWS: Bringing Lyme awareness to Alabama

17 Apr
alabama Lyme disease billboard

The Alabama Lyme Disease Association has put up a Lyme disease awareness billboard that is clearly visible from Interstate 65. It is on the daily commute for many Birmingham doctors on their way to work and will also be seen by patients seeking treatment at several large area hospitals. Continue reading

NEWS: LDA/Columbia Lyme disease conference May 3-4

10 Apr
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Lyme Disease Association and Columbia University 15th annual Lyme & tick-borne diseases scientific conference, offering CME (physician) & CE* (social worker, psychologist) credits to be held in Providence, RI. Registration now open for physicians and regular registration for the public. Continue reading

LYMEPOLICYWONK: Study Finds Coinfections in Lyme Disease Common

02 Apr

The largest survey of chronic Lyme disease patients was recently published in PeerJ. conducts these large-scale surveys to collect information directly from Lyme patients. Although the incidence of coinfections in chronic Lyme disease is unknown, many people assume that co-infections are rare in Lyme patients. The fact is no one has asked the question. So we asked over 3,000 chronic Lyme patients whether they had coinfections that were confirmed by laboratory tests. Continue reading