LYMEPOLICYWONK: FDA Proposed Regulation of Lyme Tests? Take the Survey!

22 Oct
FDA and Lyme tests has launched a new survey regarding the FDA’s proposed regulation of Lyme lab tests. We need your views on this very important topic. This is extremely time sensitive so please respond quickly! We will use this information to assess patient views and to inform our meetings with the FDA. Our last survey drew over 6,000 responses and was published this year. We need your input now! Continue reading

TOUCHED BY LYME: A new way to “crowdfund” your medical bills

08 Oct
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Needy Meds is a resource for people who need help with the cost of medical care. The organization is a clearing house for Patient Assistance Programs (which can help you get free or reduced cost medications) drug discount cards, and more. Now they are offering HEALfundr, a way to help you “crowdfund” your medical bills. Continue reading

LYMEPOLICYWONK: Persistence Personified in Lyme Disease–Those Pesky Human Cases

23 Sep
Nurse taking blood sample

Current laboratory tests widely used for Lyme disease rely on indirect measures of infection based on the immune system’s antibody response to B. burdorferi—the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. Antibody tests are highly insensitive and miss a whopping 43% of Lyme disease cases. In addition, these tests can only determine past exposure to the bacteria, not active infection. They also cannot determine whether the infection has been eradicated. Continue reading

LYMEPOLICYWONK: Ticks Transmit a World of Disease and Co-infections Into the Lives of Lyme Patients

18 Sep

Ticks are the number one vector of disease in the US and are second only to mosquitoes worldwide. Ticks frequently take blood meals from small rodents like rats, squirrels, and mice, which carry diseases. Diseases they pick up from these blood meals may then be passed on to their next meal ticket–which could be you. So how many pathogens can a tick transmit? A recent study from China provides some answers. Continue reading