TOUCHED BY LYME: An easier way to comment on IDSA’s Lyme review

07 Apr
Ira Auerbach

The IDSA has devised a complex method for accepting public comments. You are supposed to specifically discuss their Project Plan, which includes more than 80 different questions. You are supposed to cite page and line numbers. You’re not supposed to recount your personal experiences with Lyme disease. Some patients have tried to comment and have given up in frustration part way through. Stay calm. Help is on the way.
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TOUCHED BY LYME: One patient’s comments to IDSA

06 Apr
julie engle pic

The IDSA is accepting public comments about its Lyme guidelines review process through April 9. Rules for commenting require you to cite page and line numbers of the IDSA’s Project Plan. Molecular biologist/Lyme patient Julie Engle submitted the following comments. She invites you to use them to inspire your own comments to the IDSA. Continue reading

TOUCHED BY LYME: A new way to “crowdfund” your medical bills

08 Oct
crowdfund blog

Needy Meds is a resource for people who need help with the cost of medical care. The organization is a clearing house for Patient Assistance Programs (which can help you get free or reduced cost medications) drug discount cards, and more. Now they are offering HEALfundr, a way to help you “crowdfund” your medical bills. Continue reading