17th January 2010


I had to post this image and encourage anyone interested in biofilms to go visit the website that hosts this interactive introduction to biofilms. Some of you know that biofilms have been implicated in Lyme disease. Drs. McDonald and Sapi recently published on this topic. The gist of the matter is that biofilms may be one of the ways in which bacteria persist in the body. They can provide a protective covering that antibiotics cannot penetrate. It’s a pretty esoteric subject matter, but this website describing how they work is pretty down home. Give it a visit if you get a chance. And, kudos to the University of Montana for making this available to folks like us who just need simple explanations so we know how things work! The link is after the jump.

 The microfilm extravaganza is here.

You can follow additional comments on Lyme policy at www.lymepolicywonk.org.  You can contact Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA at lbjohnson@lymedisease.org.


5 thoughts on “HARDSCIENCEONLYME: Biofilms Made Easy

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  4. Kacy I know your struggle! I’m 32 and have been sick for about 16 years. I just found out I have Lyme about 2 weeks ago and haven’t been ttreead yet. Life isn’t easy but we must make the most of it You will be in my prayers.

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