NEWS: "Are we missing most cases of Lyme disease in Alabama?"

26th October 2010


Some believe the standard Lyme test doesn’t work in Alabama because it uses a strain of Borrelia burgdorferi –- the spirochete known to cause Lyme disease in the Northeast –- from New York, which doesn’t match the Southern strain, B.lonestari.

From the Anniston Star:
Are we missing most cases of Lyme disease in Alabama?
by Jason Bacaj
Oct 26, 2010 
Ticks crawled all over Damien Willis during the year he dragged a nine-square-foot white cloth through the leaf litter around Coleman Lake.

Willis was collecting ticks for a study on how forest fires impact population levels and the presence of the bacterium suspected to cause Lyme disease in the South.

“It would blow your mind how well it works,” Willis said about the cloth’s effectiveness at harvesting ticks.

He swooped up 485 ticks with the cloth, finding that tick populations rebounded two years after a burn. He also found himself with Lyme disease.

“There’s no doubt. I was getting covered in larval ticks, sometimes a couple hundred on me at one time,” Willis said. “As soon as I started showing symptoms I knew what it was.”

But Willis never tested positive for Lyme disease, because doctors in Alabama rarely perform the test due the fact that it almost never tests positive.



3 thoughts on “NEWS: "Are we missing most cases of Lyme disease in Alabama?"

  1. I believe I have lyme disease. I down loaded the information, I have 48 out 58 symptoms. I live in Jasper Al. I used to work as park maintance, in the fedral parks. I was bitten by ticks 8 times or more a year. I have an appointment 6-8-11, to request to be tested for lyme disease. How should I go about this request ?

  2. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease by my Dermatologist. I developed the telltale bulls eye rash about three weeks after venturing in the woods to get my son for dinner who had a fort in the woods. I immediately had him seen but he tested negative for the disease although he is showing similar symptoms. I am now pursuing getting him a prescription for the antibiotic.

  3. I tell everyone to get Damminix Tick Tubes. They do a great job at cutting down the numbers of ticks. Much more effective than spraying, IMO, because they target the ticks when they are concentrated on mice, before they move onto humans or other larger mammals. They are tubes filled with cotton which has been soaked in pesticide. Just put them around your property and mice do the rest. My dog hasn’t brought in a single tick since I started using them.

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