NEWS: Brooke Landau’s TV station covers her appearance on Dr. Phil

14th April 2012

brooke landau photo

The station that Lyme survivor/TV weathercaster Brooke Landau works for in San Diego ran a news story about her national appearance on the Dr. Phil Show.




3 thoughts on “NEWS: Brooke Landau’s TV station covers her appearance on Dr. Phil

  1. Dear Ms. Landau, Thanks so much for sharing your story publicly. I have been battling this disease for 17 years. I have tried both conventional & unconventional treatments. I was wondering which treatment protocol worked for you? I am desperate for a better quality of life. Best Regards & Good Health to you, Elle

  2. Dear Ms. Landau, I missed the Dr. Phil’s show when it was on, just saw the segments on Youtube…I think every person who was watching and has lyme wanted to reach through the tv when the camera showed you shaking you’re head as Dr. Duwaerter spoke regarding the nonexistence of chronic lyme disease and give you a big hug!!!! I think the politicians, the insurance companies, and the medical community at large are all in for some very disturbing news regarding Lyme disease as a whole as this whole issue develops and unfolds, there are so many independent researchers out there discovering daily what makes this disease so complex and dangerous! I have been suffering for three years, which is a drop in the bucket compared to some, but given the fact that my symptoms are for the most part neurological, I am just trying to hang on daily for myself and family.
    Again, I thank you for your courage and perseverance!! …so happy that you’re well!!

    Dave Skidmore

  3. Hi Brooke,

    I saw your TV appearance. Thank you . You, Lorraine Johnson, Dr. Charles R. Jones and the many many others who know and treat this disease and who have put themselves into the fray are greatly appreciated. Who said that things always change easily, they don’t especially when there is money to be made. If the legal ruling that was implemented in 1999 that allowed these doctors to begin to ‘truly’ profit from their so-called expertise had never been implemented , we may never have been put in the position we are in today, people fighting over money and not fighting for medicine. Using something as sacred as your health like an investment tool rather than as it should be viewed was and is the reason this issue is with us.It’s a little bit pride with these fellows . But it’s mostly about profit and money with these so-called medical people, people who are denying this disease for what it is, a huge and growing problem. Hang in there!!!!!! Thanks

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