NEWS: Wisconsin Lyme doctor may be back to treating patients soon

19th January 2012


In November 2011, Dr. John Gregory Hofffman, MD, who had treated Lyme patients for 20 years, had his license suspended by the Wisconsin medical board. This left 1300 Lyme patients scrambling for other medical care. This week, the medical board endorsed an agreement that may allow Hoffman to resume treating his patients.

Mike Nickel, moderator of the WisconsinLyme on-line support group, gives this update.


The Wisconsin Medical Board has endorsed the Agreement reached by the DSPS and Dr. Hoffmann’s attorney.


Dr. Hoffmann will be able to resume practice as soon as a mentor has been established to oversee his practice on a weekly basis. The mentor process is in the works and should be completed shortly. Dr. Hoffmann’s attorney will notify him when he is able to resume practice.


Dr. Hoffmann must undertake rigorous CME self study and pass an exam to be given 4 months from now.


Dr. Hoffmann is NOT allowed to accept any new patients.


It’s quite possible that Dr. Hoffmann will be reinstated fully if all of these obligations are met.


Please do not contact Dr. Hoffmann’s office until you’ve been notified that the mentor is in place and he can resume practice. This information will be posted on Wisconsin Yahoo and e-mailed to group leaders throughout the state and elsewhere.


We’d like to thank those who worked tirelessly on Dr. Hoffmann’s behalf. Many behind the scenes. I can assure you the outpouring by patients was absolutely critical and ALL OF YOU are to be commended! The Blogger Girls testimony today was huge! The feedback I’ve received is the Med Board seemed much more receptive today.


Please note that the WI. Med Board is fully aware that Dr. Hoffmann treats Lyme and tick-borne illness with long-term antibiotics and has absolutely no issue with it. They’ve stated so in writing and now have tacitly approved of it by reinstating him.


2 thoughts on “NEWS: Wisconsin Lyme doctor may be back to treating patients soon

  1. Why am I not convinced that the state med board has no problem with his treating lyme patients?

    And who will pay for this "mentor", and how will this person affect the doctor's ability to treat? Will this be second guessing and another way to inhibit lyme treatment? What is behind the prohibition against new patients?

    Sounds to me like there are significant issues still and it will not be business as usual even if his license is returned.

    Major skeptic here, from years of experience with lyme politics.

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