NEWS: Yolanda Foster’s heart-wrenching speech at Time for Lyme GALA

9th April 2013

Yolanda Foster, with LRA co-chairs.
Yolanda Foster, with LRA co-chairs.

The "Real Housewife" star said "My brain was no longer able to pull information to form sentences. My memory was blank."

Yolanda Foster, cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and wife of Grammy award-winning music producer David Foster, received the Star Light Award from the Lyme Research Alliance on Saturday, April 6. Foster was selected for the honor because she has spoken openly about her struggle with chronic Lyme and her strenuous treatment regimen. Watch Foster’s moving speech, recorded at the LRA’s Time for Lyme gala in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Click here to watch: (the same speech from two different camera angles)

The photo accompanying this article shows Yolanda Foster with Lyme Research Alliance co-chairs Diane Blanchard, on the left, and Deborah Siciliano.

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22 thoughts on “NEWS: Yolanda Foster’s heart-wrenching speech at Time for Lyme GALA

  1. Kudos to this Beverly Hills housewife for “coming out” about her Lyme. We need more people with clout and power that can make the world and community start to wake up and understand what a pandemic Lyme is. I would like to get in touch with her to find out how I can team with her to build upon what she is doing. I have two adult daughters that have been suffering for over 15 years ! I don’t want to leave this earth thinking my daughters will still be suffering with this life altering illness.

    • Lauren, my 18 year old has been suffering with misdiagnosed and untreated Lyme for 11 years. I had her when I was older, and she is an only child, and I am a single parent. She has severe neurolyme, and I echo you’re sentiments exactly. My fear is that if something happens to me, she won’t be able to care for herself especially that treatment is so expensive. No one in my family understands this insidious disease!

  2. I know this lady’s feeling, I fight every day with this and my brain feels exactly the same! You have to fight every day to go on!

  3. Was so touched when I heard your story and the progress you have made. I to have Lyme battling everyday with the numerous health issues that are attached to this disease.
    Thank you SO much for telling all your stories,
    I would personally love to meet you and of course find out what your diet and work out ways to get better naturally. I have had 3 42 day IV infusion and still am positive. That has made me sick and I will not do them again.
    As I am trying to type this I to am in that brain fog reaching for the words to say.
    Thank you again Yolanda for your braveness and lets celebrate Lyme Awareness month in May

  4. Thank you have been fighting Lyme disease 2000 with my daughter she is now is 25 and is still fighting the disease. She is grateful for you speaking out Yolanda. We will pray for you and still ask you to keep speaking out. I am so proud of my daughter for her continued fight……it took 3 years of tons of tests before she was diagnosed. Thank you

  5. My daughter and I thank you for speaking out. She has been fighting this disease since 2000 she is now 25. It took 3 years to find out she Lyme disease and other co- infections. Please keep speaking out. We watched you tell about Lyme disease on your show. It will help millions. Thank you

  6. Yolanda, may the Lord bless you with a continued recovery speedy and strong! i have enjoyed you on the Housewives and i wish you all the best!
    It is wonderful that you are speaking out and helping bring attention to this
    disease i did not really know about! Thinking of you and your family and
    wishing all of you great health and sending best wishes! a Fan in Canada

  7. Thank You for speaking the Truth. Ignorance is the Placebo! Myself, bedridden, not able to talk, walk, eat or sleep, and my two minor infected daughters with both tick bite acquired and, most-likely ‘transplacental’ Lyme disease and coinfections, two of us w/ known related disabilities.

  8. Thank you for saving so many lives. You’re making such a big difference for so many people. You are a gift with such a grand purpose. Lots of love <3

  9. Bravo to Yolanda Foster for being brave enough to tell the world about her Lyme Disease. So many people can relate to your struggle. Your speaking out has brought so much attention to Lyme, and makes other Lymies feel not so alone. Everyone is in this together — talking about your story and treatment is so helpful. There is such a lack of information and misinformation among doctors and the public, that people are being infected and suffering needlessly. Stay strong, stay vocal and keep fighting!

  10. Thank you for speaking out. I have been going thru virtually the same thing for 13 years. My daughter has it, too. I hope you continue to progress.

  11. Thank you Yolanda, we are just outside Sacramento CA and got lyme in our backyard. Myself and two young daughters have lyme and co-infections (positive by CDC). Your story and support raises such awareness and we wanted to give you a sincere thank you and we wish you a very Healthy and Happy 2014.

  12. Wow! Such a lonely disease, but suddenly I don’t feel so alone. I contracted the disease in May of 2010 at a lake in Dallas, Tx. I saw total of 11 physicians as I chased my symptoms and searched for my entire body was shutting down. I was diagnosed with colitis, pancrititis, fatty liver, arthritis, carpal tunnel, plantar fascists, conjunctivitis, high blood pressure, and other itis’ all in a very short period of time after being healthy and fit my entire 45 years of life. As. I began collecting records from one incompetent doctor to take to another, I began to notice comments in the doctor’s notes indicating that I might be mentally disturbed. Long story short, I finally researched and located a doctor 45 miles away who drew 15 tube of blood and found that I am CDC.positive. for lyme and also have several co-infections. The doctor has been working with me for one year now. I am doing some better, but still find myself depressed as new symptoms appear, even in the midst of treatment. The sad part about my situation is that self-diagnosed early on, but could. On get a do tor to believe me or test me. After doing my own research, I knew what had happened and when it happened. I returned from the lake having a host of bumps, rashes of different kinds. Being originally from California, I did not know about ticks nor lyme at the time. I actually pulled , what I now know was a tick, off of me 2 days after my visit to the lake.I actually went to Care Now on the 3rd day because one bite on my hip enlarged turned red , and was warm. They dismissed it as contact dermatitis and eventually it went away. In a search for answers about all of my new illnesses, I learned what I had. I saw the same rash I had online. It took me 3 years to find someone to do the test to diagnose and help me. I found it very difficult to continue my job as a high school teacher. I sadly received word 3 days ago that I do not qualify for the long term disability Insurance that I have. been paying into for 15 years. SAD! My story! I really appreciate the exposure we are now getting.

    • I hope you will appeal the decision that your disability insurance made. You have to be persistent. They try to wear you down by denying you butpersistance will pay off.
      Call a Congressman and get them involved. It’s amazing the barriers that will disappear when a “Big Fish” gets involved. Wish you the best.
      I know what it is like to try to make ends meet..

  13. To all the Lyme disease sufferers. Lets start petitions, to get the Medical community involved finding a cure, instead of dismissing this disease. God bless alll of you.

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