Germany Says No to IDSA Lyme Guidelines

29th April 2009


The German Society of Lyme Borreliosis submitted its objections to the IDSA Lyme disease review panel. The society protested the application of the IDSA guidelines in Germany, emphasizing the poor lab test sensitivity, persistence of the organism, and seriousness of the illness.

The submission states:

The Deutsche Borreliose-Gesellschaft (German Society of Lyme-Borreliosis) raises objections to the IDSA Lyme Guidelines published in 2006. The fundamental basis for our objections is that the implementation of the IDSA guidelines extends beyond the United States and into Europe. Accordingly, our ability to diagnose and treat patients with Lyme disease is being severely restricted by these guidelines, and we believe that the guidelines must be revised to provide greater flexibility in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease given the poor laboratory test sensitivity, the persistence of the organism despite adherence to IDSA protocols, and the seriousness of this illness.


The full text is in the attached pdf.



7 thoughts on “Germany Says No to IDSA Lyme Guidelines

  1. At least in Germany people care about lyme patients. I have a positive Borrelia, Bartonella, and Ehlichia diagnosis + Test and I am still laughed at / told nothing is wrong with me…. I just happen to have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anxiety, depression, fatigue, and many other things out of the blue at 24. Thats what doctors tell me. They give me painkillers and tell me to leave, to see a psychiatrist. They won’t give me antibiotics.

  2. The German government and the British should both be strongly commended for rejecting IDSA guidelines. The Centers for Disease Control
    has adopted these outrageous guidelines. The CDC is far and away the
    number one enemy of those who suffer from Lyme disease. This agency is
    living in fantasy land with respect to both diagnosis and treatment.

  3. im so happy to hear our fellow Lyme patients won’t have to suffer at the hands of IDSA like we do here in the US. People get more sick than they ever should and many die because of these inaccurate guidelines. Wake up IDSA! Have a conscience.

  4. I found Tryptophan is not broken down
    during infection of Lyme and other types. It forms a neurotoxin.

    Quinolinic Acid is one of the elements caused by the cells as they are attacked by infection. It attributes to many conditions linked with Lyme Disease.
    From mental health to neurological conditions.
    The answer is not to look at the patient
    But more tests.
    When they don’t give the answer to tell the patient they need a happy pill.
    Except the happy pill makes more neurotoxicin. Along with serotonin Meltonin, 5HTP and St johns wort.
    It suppresses the markers for infection
    so if the doctor does not really look at the patient and listen to the patient he just says here’s a happy Pill.
    Long live modern day technology!
    Exposure to heart scans does not show
    The infection it just agrevated infection,
    I had various version told me last year
    That I had asthma to perhaps it’s an infection to heart failular.
    By four different doctors.
    The NHS refused to give me IV put me through 3 heart scans.
    The infection was washed out of my heart back into my legs. By the dye they
    used for one of those scans.
    I still end up having to pay for IV antibiotics. As the cardiologist just ignored the problem..
    It’s happened again this year.
    I am having to Waite to see a infecuious Diseases consultant now Jan to be seen March. 26th
    Lyme can give you heart attackes and strokes. Due to this quinolinic acid.

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