TOUCHED BY LYME: Tweeting for Lyme awareness

3rd December 2009


The California Department of Public Health recently solicited input from the Lyme Disease Advisory Committee regarding Twitter messages for Lyme disease awareness. You can contribute too--even if you're not from California.






California’s Lyme Disease Advisory Committee had a recent phone meeting that allowed the public to listen in and offer comments. At one point, the committee was discussing the health department’s new Twitter account, and somebody said here was a new way to get out information about Lyme disease.

So, I piped up and offered that CALDA would compile a list of potential Twitter messages that CDPH could use for Lyme awareness. Now I’m asking you all for help.

Here’s the deal:

Twitter messages have a maximum of 140 characters (including spaces and punctuation). But, they usually include a link to a website, which can take up 20 characters. So, you really want a message of no more than 120. Slightly fewer can be even better, since it allows room for “retweets” (which means that someone forwards your message to other twitterers.) Something like:

After outdoor play, check your kids for ticks. Pay special attention to hidden spots like hair & back of ears. (110 characters)

Ticks are small & their bite is painless. But Lyme disease can spell big trouble. Learn to protect yourself. (108)

So, gang, what do you say? Can you help me compile a list? I’d like to submit at least 100 of them to CDPH, but we could do more if some of you get especially enthusiastic. Please send them to me at You’re welcome to post them in the comments section below this column if you want to inspire others!

Dorothy Kupcha Leland can be reached at


One thought on “TOUCHED BY LYME: Tweeting for Lyme awareness

  1. Not only the disease in it self is a horrible illness. Once we finally get a proper diagnosis and innocently buy books to learn on how to cope with our own illness we also learn that the politics of Lyme disease stinks.
    What a bloody mess no punt indented!!!!

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