TOUCHED BY LYME: Dr. Dave Martz, who overcame his own ALS death sentence with Lyme treatment, will keynote CALDA conference April 24

15th March 2010


As Dave Martz lay dying, an idea serpentined around his mind and would not loosen its grip: Despite the absolute diagnosis and the insistence of the doctors, including a world expert, that he was dying of ALS, despite his own vow to face things head-on and reject the lure of denial, Martz couldn’t shake the notion that possibly, just maybe, he actually had Lyme disease. (from "Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic" by Pamela Weintraub.)

Dr. David Martz is kind of a rock star in the Lyme world. You may have read about him in Pam Weintraub’s Cure Unknown and seen footage of him in the documentary Under Our Skin.

His story is riveting. He had a lifetime of good health and a successful career as a physician practicing internal medicine-hematology-oncology for 30 years. Then, in 2003, Martz suddenly started experiencing strange symptoms. First deep fatigue, then profound muscle aches and body-wide pain. Soon he was too weak to get out of bed. As his condition rapidly deteriorated, his physicians gave him a devastating diagnosis: ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease). They said nothing could stem his physical decline and he would likely be dead within two years.

But events went in a different direction. As his health spiraled downward, Martz connected with a Lyme disease specialist who prescribed hard-hitting, long-term antibiotics. The gamble paid off. By the end of 2004, Martz was a new man. In fact, the doctor who had diagnosed him so definitively with ALS, now pronounced that condition completely gone.

Martz devoted the next two and a half years to a project that gave extended antibiotics to about 90 ALS patients, and demonstrated objective improvements in 15% of them. He has also treated more than 800 chronic Lyme patients, with good response and minimal side effects. That work is currently being written up for publication.

Martz is moving into a new phase of life now, having recently been named president-elect of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. His term will start in 2011.

Martz will be the keynote speaker at CALDA’s annual patient conference, “Getting Healthy Again in 2010,” on April 24. The event will be held at the Dougherty Station Community Center, 17011 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA. For registration information, click here.


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14 thoughts on “TOUCHED BY LYME: Dr. Dave Martz, who overcame his own ALS death sentence with Lyme treatment, will keynote CALDA conference April 24

  1. In the book "Cure Unknown," it was stated that Dr. Martz found that once he stopped antibiotics, he would relapse and so he was forced to resume such a regimen. Is that still the case?

  2. I think the key reason why he survived the Lyme disease is because of his pure motivation and perseverance. I guess that can be very well seen from what he has to say and what he has done. His long term antibiotics finally made it work and I think that shows nothing is impossible. Anyway, since then his contributions to the Lyme world have been remarkable as he has been successful in treating more than eight hundred chronic Lyme patients!

  3. Hi Dave,

    This is your old buddy from high school. I have just found your name on facebook and read your story. It's unbelievable!
    Please let me know how you're doing.

  4. please help me find a doctor who will be willing to treat als we are pretty sure it is lymes they just won't acknowledge it we were to mayo because it didn't not show on theblood work they won't treat for it with antibotis what do we have to lose

  5. When I called 2 years ago I learned that he is no longer practicing. If you need a Lyme Literate MD in Colorado specifically, join and you can ask the group for references. There are email lists in other states, too. There are some GREAT doctors out there who can help!

  6. FIRST: ***THIS JUST IN***

    “There can be no ALS without Bartonella!” -Dr. Dietrich Kilnghardt, June 14, 2014.

    I include this because there is a history of people getting better with Rocephin etc. for Lyme/ALS, only to fall off (like me). So I would really love to see if Doctors try a BARTONELLA focused approach toward ALS/Lyme and hear what happens.

    • My symptoms mimic ALS, CIRS, MS Fibromyalgia, CRPS, MCS and several other diseases. I truly believe that I have Lyme Disease. I am in bed every day, I have not been able to do housework, cook or drive myself to doctor appointments,. I am now severely depressed since my original diagnoses of a mold illness or CIRS was diagnosed in 2003. I know that I am not experiencing a mold hit, I have been hard and I don’t know how much longer I can deal with these AWFUL symptoms, my neurotoxin is bad enough, I had no idea I could feel worse. My brain and memory are useless. I need see a light at the end of this tunnel soon, if you know of a doctor in Colorado that lives, eats & breathes Lyme Disease please forward me the doctors information. Thanks in advance.

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