NEWS: “Real Housewife” Yolanda Foster under treatment for Lyme disease

8th December 2012

Yolanda Foster pic

Her Lyme story revealed through Twitter.

Yolanda Foster, a season 3 addition to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” who is married to Grammy Award-winning music producer David Foster, on Dec. 7 tweeted a photo of herself getting a port implanted to start IV treatment for Lyme disease.

Here’s what she tweeted on Friday morning:

❤Having a Port implanted, need to Start my treatment for Neuro Borellia Lyme disease, can’t wait to get my energy back

By Friday afternoon, she tweeted this to a fan:

❤I am watching “under our skin” crying my eyes out-so sad,what a horrible journey for so many!

Other tweets by Yolanda:

❤Rough day at the hospital but feeling so blessed and thankful for being home in bed #socializedmedicineisamust!!!!

❤Isn’t crazy that I had to go to ME clinic in Belgium to get diagnosed with Borrelia Lyme after 18 months of hell #desperate

❤I have nothing to hide, I am scared but know that many of you are fighting the same fight so “Together we stand Strong”

Yolanda, born and raised in the Netherlands, lives in Malibu, CA, with her husband and family.


35 thoughts on “NEWS: “Real Housewife” Yolanda Foster under treatment for Lyme disease

  1. ❤Isn’t crazy that I had to go to ME clinic in Belgium to get diagnosed with Borrelia Lyme after 18 months of hell #desperate

    can you explain your history and was it not diagnosed in this country?
    Is Belgium known for diagnosing Lyme disease?
    hope you feel better- barbarq

    • Only when those of us like you who take the time to go public will this eventually have to change. Almost 10 years of undiagnosed Lyme almost killed me. It’s chronic now, but I’ve gotten my life back with daily use of homeopathic and herbal treatments/support. Still in 2012 back in the hospital with a chronic attack they even identify as tick born yet refuse to treat with long enough term of antibiotics. Amazing ignorance. Keep on tweeting. Thank you.

  2. I am very glad you have been diagnosed and treated properly but so many, like myself, have suffered for many, many years due to not being able to afford treatment or being shunned by the medical community and told it is all in our heads. My hope is that when you have recovered you will be an active advocate to help those of us who are not as fortunate as yourself.

    • Over 10 years for me of searching for what was wrong with me… No diagnosis.. just got my diagnosis over a year ago.. I’m doing what I can afford for treatment, Ins.. won’t pay for what I need because Chronic Lyme disease as I am does not exist.. It’s a money game… Don’t have the money you don’t get proper treatment.. WE need advocates to help us fight this.. I don’t think I will ever be the old me ever again .. just can’t get treatment… sad isn’t it.. and very discouraging… Be well … and good luck.. Your lucky to have been diagnosed rather early…. So many are suffering needlessly…

      • I have lyme finally diagnosed after 5 years. I’m very blessed, in tampa fl. We have a dr here who treats it aggressively. I’m getting 4gram Rocephin for 6 weeks while on timdamax 750mg twice a day. Good luck!

  3. I love Bravo. I love Any Cohen. I love the “Real Housewives” series. And I love Yolanda Foster! She’s been a great addition to the Beverly Hills cast — sophistication, intelligence, strength and European elegance.

    Yolanda just may be the person who ends up helping tremendously to get our brutally debilitating and outright ignored disease on the map. Let’s hope so. I feel terrible that she is sick. But I am honored to have her on our team.

    • Dear Yolanda, I will pray for you my dear. You are a strong woman and so am I. Norweign. tall , blonde and with Lyme. I have had it for over 18 yrs. My husband left me after 24 yrs of marriage. Now on welfare, no Dr , doesnt beleive in Lyme? Cant afford good heealth insurancce anymore. Living day to day and wishing I could get a job and just be a normal woman. Even a wonderful husband like you have. God Bless for a full recovery. Sincerely , Sherry Smith

  4. I do wish you the best of luck through your treatment. The politics of Lyme Disease is simply unimaginable. Been fighting it for 20+ years. Denial by Medicare for IV treatment. Cannot afford it out of pocket. Also, I have a genetic disorder that does not metabolize meds correctly, so I’m no a good candidate for IV or additional antibiotics. Was on orals for 1 year. Every organ/system is affected. Nervous system is shot, constant tremors, cognitive difficulties, very bad balance issues, in addition to gastro, muscle, ligament, joint involvement.

    I sympathize with your plight and pray you get better.

  5. So many children, teens and adults suffering, not diagnosed and smisdiagnosed, left untreated – then diagnosed delusional, prescribed psychtrophics causing more damage. Hope you can help needed change.

  6. And to think this has been going on in the United States for 30 something years and will to continue to be the reality of so many tomorrow unless the problem is admitted

  7. Yolanda, Thank you for having the courage to be public with your Lyme journey and to watch Under Our Skin. When your energy returns, you might read Cure Unknown– Written by a scientist/patient, it explains how our medical system went so wrong with borrelia, plus what you need to know going forward. It’s something you can give to your friends and family. I gave it to my mother (an 85 y.o. non-scientist)–didn’t have the heart to give her the film. I fought 5 years to get diagnosed, had 14 mos. of IV’s, then after ins. quit paying, found I had babesia also. I’ve (luckily) been on orals ever since. Still can’t work but never reverted to the way I was before IV’s–so I’m sure you’ll get your energy back! Blessings & fortune be with you now. Thank you for all you do!

  8. I too suffer from lyme got bit by tic in s. Fla. I’m on a picc line. Please keep posting…we need more people to talk about this. People will look up to you and listen. Write often please??? Hugs from s. Fla.

  9. I have a port for life due having short bowel syndrome and need it for nightly nutrition. I hate the port – not being able to get it wet, trying to keep it covered, etc. My needle comes out on Saturdays and back in on Mondays. How do you deal with having your port? Good luck in your recovery!

  10. I fought for 6 months for a diagnosis. I am a 42 year old man who feels like an 80 year old. My life has been ruined by this disease. One physician suggested I was depressed and insinuated I was attention seeking. That fueled my fire to become educated and fight for my treatment. Now that i am antibiotics, my shaman also prescribed a paleo diet, 1000mg liposomal vit c, b complex, Eleuthero, and ashwaghanda. I would try anything to get better. After a few days I am feeling much better but I have a ways to go. DON’T LET THE CDC BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH! And my prayers go out to those who aren’t empowered to fight the fight.

  11. Yolanda,

    I’ve never posted here prior but watch all the Lymey sites and have also read all of SS’s books as well. My heart goes out to you and to all the others’s who have this cruel infection. Mine has been diagnosed for over 10yrs, and 21 Dr.’s and treatments later, in addition to 6 re-infections adding the Co-infections to what I have. Be strong, and you know SLEEP, Vegetables & Herbs, no sugar or processed grains, and many herbs and vitamins can help ‘it’ not get worse. Herx’s are something to be very aware of as they can force one to ‘stop’ treatment if they are misunderstood or not expected. I hope your treatment is successful. Again, Be Strong. We know you are. :)

  12. Sorry to hear you are now one of us, with the exception that in your position you will be able to get all the care you need. Most of us can not afford to correct treatment to give us a good quality of life. I can only hope through your journey, you use your status in this world to bring a voice to this disease. Please help make people aware, please help the rest of us in your fight to help your self. Good luck, Thanks

  13. I live in NJ where the disease is rampant. Over ten years ago I was in a test study for a vaccine for it. Yes, they have one. Why don’t they offer it? Because two different companies are fighting over the patent. Money and greed before helping those who suffer.

  14. Hi! Yolanda…….My Name Is Melissa V Bingham…45 Years Old Female…
    7 1/2 Years Ago I Got Bit By A Tick on Vacation In Hershey Pa. I Live In London, Ky…By The Time I Got Home I Couldn’t Walk, My Back Was So Bad & I A Server Case Of The Shingles.. We Found The Tick In My Head After We Got Home.. It Took 3 1/2 Years Many Doctors & Clinic’s To Dignose The lyme, By Then I Was Sick Beyond A Regular Person With Lyme Disease… Due To What The Lyme Disease & Over 60 Cases Of Shingles Has Done to Me, I Have So So Many Other Things Go Wrong.
    Other Co Infection From The Lyme…Candidas (Yeast-Body & Brain)..Osteoporosis..Scleroderma..Drop Sydrome-Causing Broke 3inch Ribs – Crack Spine- Damage & Bleeding In The Brain..Seizures..Strokes..Body & Face Spams..Chronic Pain Syndrome.
    MioFacial Chronic Pain Syndrome..Alergies To Food & Meds, So It Has Been So Hard to Treat Me… Hair Lose..Weight Lose As Low As 89pds..Memory Lose..Eye & Vision Problems..In A Coma like State..Low Blood Presure, As Low As 59-Over-49…*They Have Even Givin Me Up To die 3 Times*..I Have To Use A Wheel Chair When I Go Out…I’ve Had Done My Different Treatments But Due To My High Sensitivity To Meds & Other My Body Reject Treatments I’ve Had, My Body Even Rejected The Port They Put In, With In 2 Weeks I Had To Remove It….There Is No Doctors In KY, That Treats Chronic Lyme Disease… As Years Have Went Buy.. The Longer I Go with Out Treatment More Problems I Have..Around 7 Years Ago I Was In One Of Our local Papers, “The Lady With The Mistery Illness”…I’ve Losed Doctors, Due To They Are Scared or So Unaware Of This Disease…I Could Write a Book On My Last 7 1/2 Years Of So Many Things I’ve Been To, From Almost Dieing From This Illness & Also Doctors Mistakes…I Know Without GOD I Know I Would Be Dead..Even The Lyme Doctors I’ve Been To Said I Had Been The Sickest Person They Have Seen That Wasn’t Dead…I Am A Mother Of 4 -3 Girls & 1 Boy..2 Grandbabys & 1 On The Way…I Am So Scared, I Just Want To Be Back What I was Before 1. A Wife 2. Mother 3. Grandmother 4. Daughter 5. Friend ….My Husband Has Been The Greatest, He Has Done More Than Anyone or Anyother Spouse Would Have Done, He Knows Lyme Disease More Than Most Doctors.
    My Heart Goes Out To You, But I’m So Greatful That You Aloud Me & The World To Come Into Your Life & To Bring Awareness Of This Horriable Disease …Love The Real House Wifes Of Beverly Hills…I Watch It Over And Over….My Husband JOE & I Own A Professional Photography Bussiness For Over 50 Years..My Husband Took Over His Grandmothers Bussiness At The Age Of 14 years Old…But I Know Can’t Do Any Work In The Studio Due To This Illness…
    Well Thanks Again ..LOVE
    Melissa V Bingham

  15. Yolanda,

    It must be scary to have this happening to your body. Tell yourself, it’s the best way to fight those buggers and to have that energy we all like. Please be a spokes person for the Lyme people. We need your notoriety. It’ll help the insurance companies to acknowledge this is a disease needing financial support. God give you an energetic recovery.


  16. I live in New York City and it took 5 doctors and almost a year to diagnose me. I too have neurological difficulties almost five years later. I would love to speak to you and give you some insight into this horrible disease as it does NOT get enough coverage in the media as it should.

  17. Hi Yolanda. Sorry to hear you have this dreaded disease that is so not taken seriously by the medical community. I happy that you were diagnosed fairly soon. I spent 20 yrs wondering what is wrong with me going to dr after dr after dr after. I didn’t know if it was mental or physical or both. Very scary feelings with years of pain, pain attacks, depression and the list goes on. Diagnosed with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression and gastro issues. In those 20 yrs I was tested at least once a year for lymes. Always came back negative. After the birth of my son, I was never so sick and was confined to my home praying night after night for help. Finally I diagnosed correctly by IGENEX Lab through a lyme literate dr at the age of 38. I have been on antibiotic treatment for the last 3 years. I do function better but still have bad days. But I have to get well for my family. Unfortunately for my son, I passed lymes to him in utero. He suffers from neurological issues. If testing was accurate, I would of found out years ago and not of passed it on. My heart goes out to all lyme sufferers and will continue to pray for the medical community to wake up. Too many people suffering and not know what is wrong with them. I truly wish you the best and please keep up with treatments. May get worse before it gets better. Dont give up. God Bless

  18. I too suffer from Lyme disease and believe the guidelines that prevent so many from recovery are criminal. I have been on antibiotics for two years and continue to improve each month. Chronic Lyme absolutely does exist and requires long-term treatment. Why do minor conditions like acne get years of antibiotics but a neurologically destructive and crippling disease only gets one? I am thoroughly disgusted with how Lyme is treated in our medical community. Just because one group of elitist, money hungry and egotistical doctors says it’s not chronic does not mean that it’s true for all patients.The Lyme tests are ineffective BS!

  19. I am glad that you spoke out about Lyme Disease. I was treated for Lyme in 1988 & 1990. Only a 10 day antibiotic treatment. My dogs vet knows more about Lyme than does my Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Internist & Family Dr. Sad state of affairs. I have been diagnosed w/ Osteo-Arthritis & Fibromyalgia.
    would like to find a doctor in Coastal SC that knows how to test for co-infections. If anyone knows of one E-Mail the information to Thanks! Hope everyone is having good days!

  20. I hope things go well for you not just because i care about people but because you are in the public eye. I am a chronic Lyme person with loosing hearing rapidly in first one ear and then the other. after starting antibiotics, my hearing came back in both ears. It did take about 4 months, i had not been able to hear out of my left ear for 12 years. One thing that isn’t much is that a serious herxing is going to happen during treatment which means the harder the herxing the more the antibiotics are killing the disease. It causes a fight or flight effect but hang in there, it will get better and isn’t real. Thank God the harder you herx, the better the antibiotics are working.

    • stop the antibiotics and do pure cannabis oïl extract treatment instead.

      it WORKS, without the debilitating side-effects of life-long antibiotics.

  21. Yolanda,
    I have Lyme and it nearly killed me twice.It has been 21 years now and I have never been right.I am now very interested in your outcome and for many reasons. What are they doing to you over there in Switzerland? What is the yeast connection with treating Lyme? What are they doing for Bio-Films? What co-infectors do you suffer with, and how is their blood diagnosis abilities as compared to ours in US? And finally what kind of results do they get with other Lymers?
    Jim Sherwood
    NYC Fire ret’d

  22. My son has a work related case of Lyme disease and is having a horrible time finding someone to treat him under Workman’s Comp insurance. He serves to keep our Los Angeles area safe but now he needs help. Any suggestions?

  23. I hope they weren’t giving her the antibiotics Cipro, Levaquin, or Avelox. These are chemotherapeutic toxic drugs that do serious neurological and central nervous system damage. If so, her symptoms would be from fluoroquinolone toxicity AND Lyme. This happens to many people who wonder why they aren’t getting better with their Lyme. Regardless, Lyme is no joke. My heart goes out to her.

  24. Sister with lyme disease misdignosed at the age of 5. Now after 2 IV treatments 15 years of suffering is relapsing again. It has gone to her brain. Please share with thousands of people suffering with this chronic disease how to get well. Children are suffering more then you can even imagine. Please help all the children suffering with this disease. I has seen my little sister suffer with this disease over 15 years now. I started to bring awareness to Lyme Disease. Please email us anytime. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Your story is my little sister’s.

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